• The dojo will be closed from 4/29 - 5/6 for the golden week holiday. All classes are canceled
    For further information, please follow this link to see the schedule


The dojo will be closed from 4/29 – 5/6 for Golden Week. The dojo will be participating in the annual Kids Day enbu at Shiramine Shrine on 5/5 from 10:00. After the enbu there will be a picnic at the park surrounding the Imperial Palace. If you are available on that day, please join us!!

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Sensei teaching in Russia

Sensei recently returned from Russia where he went to teach Aikido to a large group of students who came from around the country to participate. We are very thankful to the students and teachers in Russia for their dedication to Aikido and their hospitality.

Dojo Upgrades

We’re aiming to bring our dojo up to the standards of our Aikido. Today we took one big step towards that goal. We love our new tatami. As always, thanks to our students. Without you, there is no dojo.


Kids Christmas Party

On Saturday 21st December, Mugenjuku held a Christmas party for our younger students to reward them for trying hard all year. There was lot’s of games, crafts, snacks and even a black belt Santa Claus!  

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Upcoming events

All classes on 11/2 and 11/3 are cancelled because all of the instructors will be in Tokyo for the Enbutaikai. The dojo’s Christmas party will be held on 12/22 at a yet to be determined location. More information will be sent out via e-mail so please watch for it. The dojo will be closed from … Continue reading


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