Little kids class from 9/6

Beginning on 9/6 from 11:30 to 12:00 there will a little kids class ( ages 3 – 6 ). The class will be held in Japanese and will focus on increasing attention, balance and developing an enjoyment of Aikido.

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Payet Sensei’s Recent Seminars in Europe (view post for pics)

Payet Sensei recently returned from a three week trip in Europe where he conducted seminars in England, Germany, and Italy. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality shown to Sensei, for traveling to, some people from quite far away, and participating in Sensei’s seminar. Here are some pictures: England: Italy: Germany:


Kansai Scene Article

Recently, Payet Sensei was featured in Kansai Scene. A magazine that serves the expat community in the Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe area of Japan. Here is a link to the article in pdf format.   kansaiscene-article

Shirt line-up

T-shirts and Hoodies

We have recently put up a new take on an old T-shirt design on our T-shirt and Hoodie webstore. The retailer offers worldwide shipping at reasonable rates and the shirts are priced to move. Check them out at:

Mugenjuku students appear in the Mainichi Shimbun Kyoto Edition

A few weeks ago we participated in the annual Kids Day Demonstration at Shiramine Shrine. There is always a representative from KBS, the local Kyoto TV station and some reports from various newspapers. This year we were lucky enough to have our students appear in the picture that was in the article about the enbu.


The dojo will be closed from 4/29 – 5/6 for Golden Week. The dojo will be participating in the annual Kids Day enbu at Shiramine Shrine on 5/5 from 10:00. After the enbu there will be a picnic at the park surrounding the Imperial Palace. If you are available on that day, please join us!!

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Sensei teaching in Russia

Sensei recently returned from Russia where he went to teach Aikido to a large group of students who came from around the country to participate. We are very thankful to the students and teachers in Russia for their dedication to Aikido and their hospitality.

Dojo Upgrades

We’re aiming to bring our dojo up to the standards of our Aikido. Today we took one big step towards that goal. We love our new tatami. As always, thanks to our students. Without you, there is no dojo.


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